Urgent Maintenance for Out of Hours

Our office opening times are:

  • Monday to Friday: 9:00 – 17:30
  • Saturdays: 9:00 – 17:00
  • We are closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays

Generally, most maintenance issues can wait until we are open, however if you have a genuine emergency that cannot wait, we can offer the following advice. Please read the following carefully (*recommended contractor details can be found below)


If there is a fault with the electrics and the fuse board has tripped, then you will need to try and establish if there any faulty items which is causing the electrics to trip; such as a faulty kettle, too many items being plugged into one socket, blown light bulb etc. You should be able to figure out the area from the fuse board and we advise unplugging all items, resetting the fuse board and switching on each electrical item one by one to see which one is at fault.


Checks to carry out: do you have credit on your gas and electric, if you have a pre-pay meter is the gas switched on, is the thermostat turned up, is the timer set, is the pressure low on the boiler as it might require topping up. Sometimes if you switch the boiler off and at the isolator for a minute, then turn it on and reset the boiler this will get it started.


If the smoke detectors / carbon monoxide detectors are bleeping intermittently then you need to replace the battery. If you have an alarm panel and the alarm is sounding then press 5-1-4 to activate the panel and press silence to turn off the sound. Please report this immediately to the office.

We have the following contractors who you can call in a genuine emergency. If the emergency is established as genuine you will be reimbursed for any call out charges. Please be aware that if this is not the case then you will be charged the emergency call out fee.


If you have a leak which you cannot contain and if left will cause damage to the property, please turn off the water at the mains to the property and call an emergency plumber to turn the water off (recommended contractors are below). Small leaks which can be contained then please contact us the following day.


In the case of an emergency such as a fire please call 999 to report this.


Ben Ball: 07747360823

Lez Williamson: 07787533521

Scott Walker: 07786987075

Gas leak call

British Gas: 0800 111 999 – please note that the gas will be turned off.


Daniel Rayner: 07765032945

Sam Clayton: 07875752313

Kieran Hodges: 07977058901

Joe O’Hara: 07831 694843


South Coast locksmiths, 01273 567640 or Tom 07710088506


Sean Frape: 07714232094


Paul Sullivan: 07786494084


Dean Telford: 07719597319

If you are unable to reach one of our recommended contractors then please refer check-a-trade website for an alternative. Please note that the landlord will only reimburse genuine emergencies to stop the issue – such as turning the water off. Any additional costs will not be paid by the landlord.