FAQ's for Students

A students’ rite of passage is to live independently. Whilst studying in Brighton we believe this should be a memorable and exciting experience and we aim to facilitate your accommodation to be as enjoyable and stress free as possible

We have a wide variety of good standard student housing ranging from 2 to 9 bedroom properties located close to Brighton University, Hanover, Lewes Road, Preston Circus, Coombe Road area, Elm Grove and Kemp Town.

Our friendly team are on hand to help you find your next home and will make the process as smooth as possible.Register your details on our mobile friendly website and receive email alerts straight into your inbox of all new property’s that match your criteria.


Holding Deposit

If you find a property that you wish to apply for we will request a holding deposit equivalent of one week’s rent (this is calculated by multiplying the monthly rent by twelve and dividing by fifty-two).

The purpose of this holding deposit is to show goodwill between the landlord and you and to show that both of you are committed to agreeing on a tenancy.

As part of this goodwill the landlord agrees that the property will be taken off the market while your application is being processed.

  • A sample Tenancy Agreement
  • A copy of the government How to Rent Guide
  • A copy of the Energy Performance Certificate of any property that you have chosen to view
  • Referencing requirements

Once the holding deposit has been placed referencing forms will be emailed to each applicant and guarantor. Please note the deadline on the holding deposit form for agreement to be reached – in other words the time line for references and other checks to be conducted as well as agreement to the terms of the tenancy.

Each Applicant will require a Guarantor. The guarantor must pass references as they will be liable for any loss the landlord has suffered as a result of any breach of the terms of the Tenancy Agreement by you. We will ensure that the guarantor is given a copy of the Tenancy Agreement so they are aware of your obligations and we will allow them time to study all the documents and take advice, if necessary. Please note that a tenancy cannot go ahead until all the guarantor documents are in place and signed.

The requirements of a Guarantor are that they are a UK homeowner, earn over 3 x your share of the rent (for the avoidance of doubt if your share of the rent is £550.00PCM the Guarantor must have earnings of £1650.00 per month and £19,800 per annum) or have the equivalent in savings. The Guarantor must not have any adverse credit history or any CCJ's, they must have a permanent contract of employment or fixed term contact. If self-employed 3 months of bank statements and accountants reference will be required. We will also require photographic ID (passport or driving license) which can be emailed to fay@johnhiltons.co.uk

Please note that referencing is not done in house and if you have any queries please contact the referencing company directly.

It may be possible to pay rent in advance if an applicant does not have a guarantor which meets the criteria and subject to the consent of the Landlord. In these circumstances for a 12 month tenancy you can pay 6 months’ rent in advance with a co-signer guarantor who is not referenced and will not be required to meet the criteria. 6 further months rent will be due after month 5 of the tenancy.

Please note that some landlord’s request that the whole rent is paid up front, i.e. 12 months. We also accept Housing Hand who can act as a guarantor, they are a separate company and you can contact them directly: www.housinghand.co.uk or call 0207 205 2625 for more information.

All applicants must prove that they have a right to reside in the UK and we require that all UK and EU applicants bring their passports / national identification cards (EU) or permanent resident cards to the office in person for our records. Copies cannot be accepted. For applicants outside of the EU we will require your passport and valid visa / permanent resident’s card. More information can be found: https://www.gov.uk/check-tenant-right-to-rent-documents. These checks must be done within a month of placing agency fees, or sooner subject to the start date of the tenancy.

Once all applicants have been referenced a tenancy agreement will be sent electronically, only after this agreement is signed will the property be 100% secure.

Please change to: Once all applicants have been referenced a tenancy agreement will be sent electronically to be signed.

When you take a tenancy with another person or persons, in law both or all of you are ‘jointly and severally liable’ for the rent or any other costs relating to the obligations of the tenancy. This means that each individual tenant is responsible on their own or jointly for 100% of money owing. For example, if there are two tenants either as a couple or sharing and one of the tenants has a change of circumstances and they do not have the money to pay their ‘share’ of the rent – the other tenant will be required to pay the full amount.

One 'lead' tenant will act on behalf of all tenants and will be the main point of contact during the tenancy. The security deposit will be returned to the lead tenant ONLY and only they can liaise with the deposit team regarding any deductions made to the deposit at the end of the tenancy.

The first month’s rent must be paid to us in cleared funds before the start of the tenancy on 01 June 2020 and can be made as individual payments

The weekly advertised rent is based on 52 weeks even if the contract is for 11 months as the rent is paid on a monthy basis in equal instalments. Please note that there are not 4 weeks in a month. To work out the weekly rent multiply the monthly rent by 12 months, divide by 52 weeks and divide by the number of tenants.


Please note that we will be unable to accept a credit card payment, cash, cheque or bankers draft for the rent or for the tenancy deposit. This needs to be paid by bank transfer only.

Once the security deposit has been paid it will be protected under a government scheme within 30 days and the lead tenant will receive a confirmation email to this effect. Details of the scheme used are found on your tenancy agreement.

The lead tenant will be contacted closer to the move in date to arrange a time and date for the check-in at the property. Tenants do not have to move in on their start date however we do need to pre book an appointment to meet at the property to hand over the keys and property information such as the tenancy agreement, EPC, gas safety, EICR, deposit protection certificate information etc. and we will be on hand to assist on any queries regarding the property in person.

Tenants do not need to move in on the tenancy start date but do need to book a check in time with the first tenant who moved into the property. Please be aware that August and September is a busy time for us and check in slots can be booked up very quickly.

All supplies will be connected when you move into the property. Your inventory will have the current meter readings and you will need to set up account with each supplier, we advise that all tenants’ names are put on all bills. Your move in pack contains useful numbers you can call to find out the suppliers.

The agency information contains the prices for a ‘bills included option’ which is subject to the consent of the landlord. This is based on a fair usage policy.

If all students are in full time education include placement year students you can defer your council tax. This can be done online with your student registration numbers. Please note that if this is not deferred you will receive an invoice from the local authority.

A standing order will be found in the move in pack for payment of rent. This will either be direct to John Hilton if we manage the property or direct to the landlord if they manage the property and please refer to the holding deposit form..

Rent is to be paid from one account only and by standing order. Tenants can either set up a joint account or have a nominated tenant to pay the rent directly once collected from each tenant.

In this instance contact the office or landlord, make the payment of rent which has been collected and let the landlord or agent know which tenant/s have not paid. The agency or landlord will then contact the tenant who is late with the rent and their guarantor if required.

If you have any difficulties in paying your rent please contact the office or landlord immediately, it is better to inform the office than to ignore any calls. Once the landlord is aware of the situation an extension may be given or the guarantor will be contacted.

The tenancy agreement and holding deposit form will indicate whether John Hilton Manage the property, collect rent or if the landlord manages the property directly. The move in pack will contain the landlords contact details if John Hilton do not manage the maintenance.

On the tenancy start date an inventory and schedule of condition will either be emailed or a hard copy given. You have 48 hours to make any comments and we advise that additional pictures are taken by the tenant and emailed to the office so these can be kept on file.

For any maintenance issues during the tenancy please click here or contact John Hilton via email or telephone. For out of hours emergency maintenance please see our emergency numbers page (where we look after the management) or contact the landlord directly.

Details regarding check out will be sent to the tenants within the last few months of the tenancy explaining the process and offering advice on how to successfully vacate.