Tenant Information


Agency fees are £225.00 per person inclusive of VAT or £300.00 inclusive of VAT for a single person which covers the cost of referencing one tenant and one guarantor (if required). The fee covers obtaining a current & or past landlord references, credit checks, right to rent and visa check, agreeing contract terms, preparation of the tenancy, arranging of move in, prescribed information and check-in of the property.

For groups, if applicants are changed then a new agency fee is due even if the person has not been referenced. If applicants drop out of the group and replacements are not immediately found then the property will be re-marketed with agency fees being lost.

Agency fees are non-refundable even if an applicant is not referenced and if references prove to be unsatisfactory for any reason. A tenancy will be only granted subject to referencing and contracts.


Tenants must have an income of 2.5 times their share of the rent and be in full time and permanent employment. We will carry out checks to ensure a clean credit history, positive references from previous landlords, right to rent checks with relevant ID plus a recent utility bill is required.

If tenants fail on any of the above requirements then a Guarantor will be required, this is included in your Agency Fee.

GUARANTORS (if required)

Guarantors are referenced on being a home owner through Land Registry, credit checks, income verification and will require photographic identification. Each guarantor will be sent a deed of guarantee to sign electronically.

If an applicant requires a guarantor they must be a UK home owner, UK citizen and have an income of over 3 x the tenant’s share of the annual rent or the equivalent in savings. If a guarantor fails the referencing then each subsequent guarantor is charged at £60.00 inclusive of VAT.


If an applicant does not have a guarantor, subject to permission from the landlord you may be able to pay the rent in advance.

We also accept Housing Hand who can act as a guarantor, they are a separate company and you can contact them directly: www.housinghand.co.uk or call 0207 205 2625 for more information.


All referencing forms must be returned within 1 week of them being sent, or sooner depending on the move in date. Failure to return the forms correctly and within this time may result in the property being re-marketed and the loss of agency fees. If you have any extenuating circumstances please contact the office.


All applicants must prove that they have a right to reside in the UK and we require that all UK and EU applicants bring their passports / national identification cards (EU) or permanent resident cards to the office in person


Once all applicants are fully referenced a tenancy agreement will be emailed to each person to be signed electronically via DocuSign. When all tenants have signed the tenancy you will each automatically be sent a signed contract for your records. At this point you will know that all tenants have signed the tenancy agreement.


This can be paid by bank transfer OR payment can also be made by debit card over the phone. I am afraid that we do not accept credit cards, cash or cheques.

Please note that our bank details will not change and John Hilton will not accept responsibility for money being transferred to the wrong account.


A joint tenancy can be agreed between two or more people. In this case each tenant is jointly and severally liable for meeting the terms of the tenancy agreement in full, including the payment of rent. This is known as 'joint and several liability'.


If there is more than one tenant, one 'lead' tenant will act on behalf of all tenants and will be the main point of contact during the tenancy. The security deposit will be returned to the lead tenant ONLY and only they will liaise with the deposit team regarding any deductions made to the deposit at the end of the tenancy.


Your security deposit will be registered with a government body once received and a certificate will be issued along with the prescribed information on your check-in date. The scheme used will be on your tenancy agreement and the certificate issues will be given on check in to be counter signed by the lead tenant.


The rent is due in advance monthly from one account only and payment is due 5 days in advance. The weekly advertised rent is based on 52 weeks even if the contract is for a shorter period.


The lead tenant will be contacted closer to the move in date to arrange a time and date for the check-in at the property. Tenants do not have to move in on their start date however we do need to pre book an appointment to meet at the property to hand over the keys and property information such as the tenancy agreement, EPC, gas safety, EICR, deposit protection certificate information etc. and we will be on hand to assist on any queries regarding the property in person.


  • Sharers wishing to renew the Tenancy Agreement to pay a renewal fee of £60.00 inclusive of VAT per tenant.
  • Paper work for a deed of assignment £120.00 inclusive of VAT
  • Changes made to deposit protection £42.00 inclusive of VAT
  • Additional guarantor fee £60.00 inclusive of VAT
  • Rent must be paid from one account by standing order only, payments made over the phone will incur a £5.00 admin charge inclusive of VAT
  • Rental payments not made from one account will incur a £10.00 admin charge inclusive of VAT per proportionate payment
  • Rent overdue by 5 days will incur a fee of £30.00 inclusive of VAT per tenant on each occasion, if rent is not forthcoming within 10 days then a further charge of £30.00 inclusive of VAT will be levied per tenant.
  • Letters to each Guarantor chasing late rent are charged at £30.00 inclusive of VAT.
  • If a representative of John Hilton’s must visit the property to request rent then a further administration charge of £54.00 inclusive of VAT per visit.
  • Returning overpaid rent to tenants who have not cancelled standing orders £12.00 inclusive of VAT.
  • Call out charges for lost keys are charged at £20.00 inclusive of VAT plus the cost of any key copied. Due to security purposes we are unable to release our set of keys to any tenants.
  • If the landlord or agent gives permission for the tenant to surrender their tenancy then they must pay £250.00 administration fee inclusive of VAT per tenant. Depending on how long the tenant has been living in the property and its condition there may be a contribution deducted from the security deposit to cover cleaning and any damage. A replacement tenant will be required to take the existing tenants place (unless current tenants agree to cover the whole rent) and a new agency fee will be due.
  • Duplicate re-printing of documents is charged at £15.00 inclusive of VAT per document, electronic copies carry no charge.
  • Sub-letting letter to Tenants £25.00 inclusive of VAT
  • Sub-letting letter to Guarantors £30.00 inclusive of VAT